2021 STOCKCARmagazine 2021#05 July

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STOCKCARmagazine 2021#05 JULY: BSCDA tech Committee’s wins (so far!) of 2021 continue, now Dual Surface SuperStar cars are winning F1 Finals!

•191 Josh Smith wins practically everything (except Mal Brown’s GN) at Sheffield without a scratch, Every F1WF21 / 68th staging point scored + Just how serious the £Serious the Cash waiting for Coventry is in news

•‘Most places made in the Ipswich Final’ 197 Ryan Harrison SuperCar, with added words from England’s new V8 Small-block engine builder 97 Murray.
•HOLLAND F1 is back on Dirt - and Actual Racing at Venray (plus made in NL BriSCA F1 Heritage!).

•Jonathan Abbott rounds up BSCDA Tv’s most important findings about 212 Danny Wainman, his Dual Surface mission & Colin Casserley’s F1: with the words to remind us there’s many F1 drivers never making it to print.

•From Hell, the brief moment in time before Sprint Cars took over OZ StockCar-lan  •Time Traveller: Stu Smith’s “Never Has so much been won” 1985 World Final night •nmsc Minis   •40 Steve Smith Golden Oldie •Those F1 drivers injured out before the Final is decided Centre Special  •Mick Sworder, Rob Speak at the 2011+2001 Euros Back(all the way to 1961!)tracking

•Pete Randall notes the trouble with feuds at Cornwall / Jim Turner at the Scottish Qualifiers in F2   •Kev Wickham presents the new WorldWide fence destruction record in Saloons!  •Cruellest last straight Final denied V8s at Odsal

•F1 RAU at June 12+13, 19 + 26 •Double Des Penny (Big Bert’s place + doing F2 the hard way in the 60s!) a VERY important

•“Setting ’Record Straight (with SCArecordings backup cam stills)” of 47 Simon Traves at Odsal = how he Didn’t roll by himself & plenty more! *£8.50 by post to any UK postcode - click to buy at the new www.STOCKCAR.mag shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays/10am Sat (and pay with any card now) to Read upto as soon as next working day!