SCArecordings 2023 disc 06: Hednesford July 23rd F1, V8 & Mini BRITISH CHAMPS on regular tv quality DVD

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Every BriSCA Formula One, V8 Hotstox & nmsc Mini race From BriSCA F1 70th Season meeting 24 - the 2023 British Championship Sunday at Hednesford [60years!] Hills Raceway

-All race deciding hits, greatest escapes and smoothest moves onscreen via the main BBC spec 1080p50 camera (with a very few 'two incidents at once' race stopping crashes via backup cams) and the most important & best looking of the day's driving all replayed to full SCArecordings zoom & slomotion specification post race

•All winners Circle words •Before & After Final grids+Full results with fastest Laps •Full Race Commentary - with race sound turned up as loud as it’ll go! -  Click to buy SCArecordings 2023 disc 06 before 3pm workdays, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£17.96 by post, 1 hour 49 minutes runtime on regular DVD  (Cinema screen quality Bluray £1 extra) See past SCAr highlight reels and stills galleries at &