2021 STOCKCARmagazine 2021#11: DECEMBER~ANNUAL, Extra issue!

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An Extra 11th 2021 magazine NOT included in the 10 issue 2021 Subscription!

STOCKCARmagazine 2021#11 December~Annual: •On sale November 20 •Available as an add-on to paying by cheque 2022 SCm by post subscribers shortly (see below).

•Great full entry all action F1 times but Birmingham Wheels gone, St.Day precarious in F2 news •V8 Hotstox Silver goes to last race• F1: First back luck for reborn Odsal, Fixtures latest (No Xmas Odsal, see First bad luck) & remembering Dave Pierce & Colin Knibbs.

•STOCKCAR vs Fence Outcomes From HELL! The White to Star to Blue and the rough up north in 80s career halter for Dad of Lee, 218 Derek Fairhurst.
•Steve Abbott rounds up the year where on balance, BriSCA F1 had a growth spurt (And why) Bradford came back and StockCars beat Covid.
•HOLLAND fully back and it's good! Kees Hermans at 'Gold Roof of field racing' 10 race St.Maarten Dutch NK F1 & Venray hits a SaloonStockCar milestone
•RAU Extra: FWJ Nightmare & Tom's fairly easy Shootout Finale - featuring John Lund winning(nearly) or spinning(900 degrees!) day and 22 Will Yarrow's 'won until last quarter of track' Last Ever Sheffield.
•Serious Stuff! In his own words, the detail behind Steve Rees retirement and looking back on just how incredible and maybe dangerous it was to Bring Back Bradford.  With the good news on Startrax' next 27 years & hard truths of today's F1 following.
•TimeTraveller EXTRA Special: The All-Gold Lund 1997 World Final winner. How much else it's won, and the Long trip back to the Odsal World Final grid, and most importantly Why it had to be done in custodian Steve Harrisons' own words.
•F2 from mid October to the Nov14 Taunton / Sheffield Finale day plus November Grades,  • Extended Scotland with Jim Turner's lap by lap story of Saloon SuperBowl XXXII (A Good one!) with Kev Wickham at the National Points Finale
•Extended 6meet RAU: October 16th's full entry Mildenhall through full entry Hednesford, with FWJ extending his 'Longest of the F1 Final winners' 34 Year winning spread - with hit by hit detail on his vs. Fairhurst win that did it, in the closest F1 Final Finish in possibly All of Bradford History! •Double Rock Klondike because xmas, F1 End season top 15s and more! • £8.50 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new STOCKCARmag.com shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!

(Do pass on to Non-Internet SCm readers that 2021 UK Subscribers will get a  traditional 'Buy Next year's SCm by Post?' letter around November 24th, with an option to add this issue on - avoiding any need to get online to buy this mag)