2021 STOCKCARmagazine 2021#08 WORLD FINAL extra

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 STOCKCARmag 2021#08 World Finals Extra: On sale Sept 3rd. Wainman and Lund make the World grid - full 3rd SemiFinal notes and just how well they’ve been getting in the lead up throughout this issue, with a 53 Centrespread celebrating ‘Non got past John’ Sheffield. 485 Steve Thompson’s V8 World in news (plus full sequence of the the night’s other highlight).  •Wins for the BSCDA Tech.Committee Special: Chris Clark’s drivers own words from the historic 74 F1s racing Skegness SemiFInal Weekend. •Holland: h217 Ron Kroonder returns and would finish first at Venray’s ‘not World Cup’ on August 15 plus the still vs. Covid Field racing plus the h155 Langeveld F1 story in his own words. •F1: Frankie Junior’s own words on his remarkable August Kings Lynn night & the Bank Holiday’s first Dutch visitors to BriSCA F1 - and most of them won! •Time Traveller: Keith Barber tells the story of the Six Brilliant Bradford World Finals, what made each one so special with the Anorak facts that matter! •Extended F2 with the full-on starwars World of Shale night & Semis And English Open in detail, September grades, plus Moodie’s return in Scotland. •National Saloons’ latest World First! Kev Wickham at Barnes 1-2-3 (with victory roll) Mildenhall Gold Roof night.

•F1 Grades, and RAU at August 7+8 Skeg, 21st KL & The August Bank Holiday Bradford/Sheffield double. •Triple Des Penny/Rock Klondike and more! • £8.50 by post to any UK postcode - click to buy at the new www.STOCKCARmag.com shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays
More production delays mean it arrived 3 days late in UK & NL, #08 was made even better with the time  *£8.50 by post to any UK postcode - click to buy at the new www.STOCKCAR.mag shop weekdays before 3pm Non-racedays, 10am Non-WF Saturdays (and pay with any card now) to Read upto as soon as next working day!