SCArecordings 2022 disc 15: Skegness +BTCC Gala Night, Saturday November 19 2022

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SCArecordings 2022 disc 15: Skegness +BTCC Gala Night, Saturday November 19, 2022.

BEFORE YOU BUY! Same quiet commentary as the 2021 night and a worse ‘more of the homestraight through mesh’ camera spot and some last bend attacks for Lower places (Catherine Harris dropping from 3rd to 7th in the Final) happens off camera, otherwise all good!

•Every BTCC, F1, F2 & nmsc race on disc •All the first bend (nastiest fence attacks in the Under 25s all the way to 8> 318+175+84 in the Final) and the finest backstraight action (Entire long distance miniRoll + Jacklyn Ellis last bend overpowered lunge) on camera, best of it all replayed to fullest slow-mo & zoom for fullest detail SCArecordings spec

•All Richard Kaleta with the drivers own words in the winners circle post race, plus the BTTC word preRace

•All Race results with (direct from mylaps) fastest laps, and which lap, Remote control chapter buttons to skip to race! & race sound turned up as far as it'll go plus all winners circle words - Click to buy from the new online shop before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£17.95 by post, 1 hour 41minutes runtime, on Regluar TV DVD picture quality DVD (Full Cinmena spec BLURAY available for £1 more) See 'exactly as appears on the Bluray' stills at & now the 2022 SCAr backlog's fully cleared, 2023 discs very soon!  Once the 2023 backlog's clear expect fresh 'Genuinely how good SCArecordings are' highlight previews, until then find very select total action British StockCar racing at it's best at