2022 STOCKCAR magazine 2022#02 MAY (Tom vs Ryan AND Matt, when & why Dual Surface F1 happened)

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STOCKCARmagazine 2022#02 MAY On sale (6+2 days late) on May 9 •NEW TOM HARRIS CAR wins 3 out of 4 but is fought off by Mat Newson in the May 2nd Final & Ryan Harrison re-enacts a winning block from history at Kings Lynn too!

•Paul Hines' new Harrison Built SuperCar + Most noteable of the other new cars including neatest at the All Action Blauwhuis NL opener / while Davidson wins at Venray

• Why there’s spectator safety zones in From Hell and some Serious StockCar History! When, why and how BriSCA F1 became a dual surface sport & the last fightbacks of the 2nd Generation legends

•1990s Stockers upsetting the (fast Odsal Rolling) V8 Hotstox order! •VIP Readers letters: Covid Lockdown times of great expenditure; Steve Rees making Odsal happen Part One

•SuperCar Oldie: 293 Nick Houghton’s MultiFinal winning mould-breaking HCD F1 (and in Final winning survival mode and vs. FWJ action!)• Keith Barber’s Backtracking:  When Wainman had a Lintern car vs Lund at Hednesford’s Euro92  •Pete Randall on the buzzing BriSCA F2 openers with their fastest Rolls, Jim Turner Scotland and Kev Wickham at big smash Saloon Mildenhall (+ Ajracepics West Country feudin)   •Rock Klondike on ratios •Steve Abbott at April 3rd Hednesford thru 23rd Kings Lynn  •F1+F2 Effective May grades and that (RAU detail next mag) • ‘StockCars not always about being Fastest’ Newson v Harris Odsal Final Centrespread!

Plus nmsc Minis at their most StockCar and highest rollin • £8.70 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new www.STOCKCARmag.com shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!