2022 STOCKCAR magazine 2022#03 JUNE (Best Ever SkegWknd, KINGS BATTLE, F2 at Aldershot)

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2022 STOCKCAR magazine 2022#03 JUNE (Best Ever SkegWeekend • KINGS BATTLE • F2 arrives at Aldershot) On sale May 28 

•60+Car greatest yet Skegness UKO weekend action throughout,  4 years of race-ceivers +remembering Gordon Smith in News.   

•KINGS BATTLE Knight & Day: Holland’s 64 Car (x2 UK) midweek #1 Dirt Title •Sprint Connection history from Hell

587 Sam Brigg’s ex Yarrow SuperCar leads too.. TimeTraveller ‘As far back as WW1 (lots of WW2!)’ roots of Northampton Special  •First StockCar racing at 50years old!, and how ignomiously it can start (and more N’hampton) in V8 Hotstox  •VIP Readers letters: Steve Rees rounds up the emotional rollercoaster & biteback of bringing back Bradford •SuperCar Oldie: Last time a UK World Champion tried the full NZ spaceframe, 318 Rob Speak’s Gold-Red 2002 Cecilbuilt and FWJ nobbling it’s wheel at NIR!• Keith Barber’s Backtracking: FWJ surviving Andy Smith’s best and John Lund rolled off the ropes in the nasty 90s   •Pete Randall at the BriSCA F2 British at their new South East outpost Aldershot, Jim Turner at Saloon British weekend Scotland and Kev Wickham everywhere else (+ Ajracepics ‘3wide Aldershot: Saloon approved! British day) •Rock Klondike on Razzamatazz •Steve Abbott's F1 Race Action Update from April 28 Buxton thru May 21st Kings Lynn  •F1+F2 Effective June grades •‘StockCars looking very pretty UKopen Final Centrespread Plus F1 3, Nmsc 0 footy first pics & more • £8.70 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new www.STOCKCARmag.com shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!