SCMvideo Fully Restored from raw camera tapes 1990 World Final on full 1080i50 HD BLURAY

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Bert Finnikin's Bradford 1990 World Final remade from Original Camera tapes! 

After 25 years the Shale World Final that defined the BriSCA F1 Golden age doesn't just now look good, it's a fully 21st Century quality viewing experience with sound, vision, editing and camera mix enhanced in the new Svhs restoration Superstudio. 

The frame accurate best view of each race from two cameras, the Greatest Hits and Smoothest race moves replayed post race along every other proven viewing enhancement found on 2015 spec SCArecordings.

4 hours 12 minutes duration including two WF90 camera replays on disc one & the Best of the August 1990 rest (Both SemiFinal meetings, Lund's Long Track & more) from 1990s mastertapes on disc two.

Bargain re-issue price of £17.30 on Double DVD -or- £18.30 on fully HD 1080i50 (But you'll need really good eyes to see the difference on this one!) BluRay.