Copy of SCMvideo GREATEST HITS 3 of the 2018 British StockCar Racing Season, on Double BLURAY discs

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The Fifth STOCKCAR magazine video Crash Disc & Fifteenth Crash Video, with an incredible
•Marathon FOUR HOUR 22minute Run time over Full 1080i HD Bluray discs, selected from the SCA recordings of 2018.
•Every Second all of edited to the famous SCm/SCAr
Non-stop Action Specification with slow motion replays of the very best bits
•ALL the SCArecorded smoothest moves, hardest racing, luckiest escapes & Greatest Hits from 2018 plus
•Action Backtracking! Odsal World Finals highlights on disc one, Best of the 1996 Startrax first ever Bradford season disc two.
•Mostly F1 but includes best 2018 SCArecorded F2, banger, van, caravan and plenty nmsc mini action.

4 hour 22 minute duration over Two Double 2hour 2minute Full 1080i BluRay Discs for the special low price of £21.80 by post  (And Also available on regular Standard definition DVD for £2 less - either format is doubly smoother than the Full HD highlights on our channel)