SCArecordings 2021 disc 02: Startrax vs. Covid at Bradford+Sheffield June 12+13 on FULL 1080i HD BluRay, PLUS Odsal 1996!

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Every F1+V8+F2 race from June's Startrax double - Just about All the most intense action and smooth moves are on the Main camera with Full SCArecordings spec replays of the Very most important race deciding action in zoom/slomotion post race - Plus the usual backup cameras for those Very few missed incidents (How high Danny Wainman sent Geoff Nickolls off turn one - SCm Cover Crash of June 2021)

PLUS when Unlimited Bangers came to Bradford!  x2 camera mix master tape transfer from the SCmVideo Vaults of the Full F1 & UB May 27th 1996 Steve Rees Promotions Bank Holiday Monday - that set Odsal's course to this day - over the end of each disc.

Click to buy SCArecordings 2021double disc 02 before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow! 

£25.80 by post, 3 hours 36minute runtime over two discs on 1080i50 High Definition Bluray - which really is as crisp and detailed as the stills on (regular TV quality DVD available for £2 less) Both are doubly smoother than our 25p highlight reels at