SCArecordings 2021 disc 07: Bradford & Sheffield, August 28 + 29 (plus treble minis) on regular TV quality DVD

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NEWSON vs EVERYONE at Bradford on V8 World Final (and F1 WF preview) Night and ONLY FWJ Gets past JOHN LUND at Sheffield!

Every F1+V8+Mini race from August Bank Holiday F1 World Warmup weekend with All main F1 action on the main camera with Full SCArecordings spec replays of the Very most important race deciding action in zoom/slomotion post race - with Everything else that was happening at the same time from the usual 'every inch of track' backup cameras! plus x2 Extra full nmsc mini nights at end of each disc, August 14 (race sound only) Odsal disc 1 and September 10 World Friday races at end of disc 2.

Click to buy SCArecordings 20201double disc 07 before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow! 

£23.80 by post, 3 hours 26minute runtime over two discs on Standard TV quality DVD and also avaiable (£2 extra) on 1080i50 High Definition Bluray - which really is as crisp and detailed as the stills on  Both are doubly smoother than our 25p highlight reels at