SCArecordings 2021 disc 1: Northampton+Bradford, May 29+31 (plus '97 Odsal SemiFinal) on standard DVD

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Every F1+F2 race from the 'BriSCA IS BACK' May Holiday Weekend (plus Saturday's Gold Rush banger best bits) with Full SCArecordings spec replays of the Very most important race deciding action in zoom/slomotion post race with EVERYTHING that happened at the Reborn after 24 years Odsal - even the 47 roll most people missed from backup cameras! plus BONUS 1997 BRADFORD: the 2nd SemiFinal, one of Odsal & Andy Smith's best ever - all main laps on screen at the end of disc 2.   Click to buy SCArecordings 20201double disc 01 on DVD now before 4pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£23.80 by post, 3 hours 38minute runtime over two discs on DVD  (Also available on fully 1080i50 HD Bluray for £2 extra.  Both DVD & BD are doubly smoother than our 25p highlight reels at )