SCArecordings 2021 disc 11: Northampton's October 17 F1 Season closer on (regular TV picture quality) DVD

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Before you buy This and All other Incarace race meets are available to watch way cheaper via Spedeworth's own netflix for StockCars subscription service (who'll link you to a lower priced disc too, often with major incidents added in and replayed from the SCArecordings camera angle)  - This is the 'only from STOCKCARmagazine' 100% SCA camerawork & replays spec. disc, finally on sale 5months late!

All 14 F1+F2+V8 races from an aggro filled BriSCA F1 WCQR  - Finest attacks, smoothest moves and ugliest season closing paybacks all on screen all leading to the famous 525 > 169 Grand National, which becomes Tom Harris' first Heat, Final & GN treble!   Full mylaps onscreen results too, with every finishers' fastest lap from every race, Click to buy SCArecordings 2021 disc 11 on DVD now before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£17.80 by post, 1 hour 49minutes runtime on DVD.  Also available on fully 1080i50 HD Bluray - see video stills for how much detail BD gets you for £1 extra - requires bluray disc player though, and an at least 43" screen (or really sharp eyesight). Both DVD & BD are doubly smoother than the 25p highlight reels (more coming after the 2021 disc backlog's cleared) at &