SCArecordings 2021 disc 14: Skegness November 20 Gala Night on full 1080i HD BLURAY

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Before you buy, F1 race commentary is a bit quiet & gets quieter through the night on F1 races, f2, minis & interviews all OK. 

Every F1+F2+mini race from Gala Night 2021 at Skegness with All the important race deciding action on screen plus all the smoothest moves & hardest hits replayed in full SCAr spec zoom & slowmotion during the Winners Circle interviews, including 283>281 in Heat 2, 175 Karl Hawkins trampling through the under 25s and how high he got in the GN, with turn 3 camera opposite angle!

Full onscreen results with who was fastest from every race, and on which lap plus Full World Final standard before after and during onscreen Under 25 Champs. Grid  Click to buy SCArecordings 20201 disc 14 on BluRay now before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£18.80 by post, 1 hour 56minutes runtime on DVD  (Also available on old fashioned standard TV picture quality DVD for £1 less -  Both DVD & BD are doubly smoother than our 25p highlight reels at )