SCArecordings 2022 disc 3: Bradford Saturday April 16, Lads+Dads F1+V8 roll of year! on regular tv quality DVD

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YORSTOX at ODSAL April 16 2022; YORSTOX Bring the Dads of F1's main Lads onto track for inaugural thunderous premeeting TimeTrial challenge - See stills / Highlight vid for surprise fastest!  All the F1+F2 Heats and Consolation full programme race action is on the main camera with direct commentary (and race sound turned up) And the very best of all the action replayed to full SCAr Zoom+Slomotion Spec during the yellows and post race winners own words, Includes 34 Mal Brown being Bradford's first Blockbuster and take-off to landing 490 Criag Thompson V8 roll 

All 10 F1+V8 races, Every post race winners circle interview, Full mylaps onscreen results from Heat 2 with every finishers' fastest lap from every race, Click to buy SCArecordings 2022 disc 03 on BD now before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

NEW FOR 2022: WATCH YOUR SCAr 2022•02 discs on YOUTUBE*! Inside every case is a 'private viewing .url code, type it into a web browser & watch online!   if you're lucky, technical & have a youtube account set up this can work on a TV with a youtube button too, but (sorry!) will definitely NOT work on all devices & we can't provide any technical assistance on this. * Please note this is an ongoing 2022 tech trial, which may be removed anytime.

£17.80 by post, 1 hour 41minutes runtime on regular DVD  (Cinema screen quality Bluray £1 extra)   See extended highlight reel at &