SCArecordings 2022 disc 7 BLURAY: Bradford June 25, most brutal yet BRITISH CHAMPS on full Cinema spec BLURAY

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YORSTOX at ODSAL Stadium Bradford, Saturday 25 June 2022:

THE MOST BRUTAL YET.  Endless too-much-power crashing from the Heat One Green flag, Tom (not wanting Ryan to catch him) Harris sets the new Hardest Hit record in the Final.

Every F1, V8 & Yorstox vs Skegvegas management Race in full, Best lines from the all the Kaleta/Morgan on track interviews and naturally Lots of Full SCArec Spec Zoom & superSlowMotion replays of the smoothest winning moves and nastiest destruction - 355 & 326 rollovers from the backup camera, Everything else direct from our BBC spec full 1080p50 main camera.
Full onscreen results with before and after Championship Final grids, direct from PA system commentary with the race sound turned up as far as it'll go and all of it edited to under 2hours - Click to buy from the new online shop before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£18.95 by post, 1 hour 54minutes runtime on Cinema screen quality Bluray - Requires a BLURAY disc player.  Also available on old school DVD for £1 less) See 'exactly as appears on the Bluray' stills at & when the 2022 SCAr backlog's cleared in full motion at