SCArecordings 2022 disc 9: Bradford July 30 FIRST SEMIFINAL on regular tv quality DVD

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YORSTOX at ODSAL Stadium Bradford, Saturday 30 July 2022, the

FIRST 2022 (Shale) BriSCA F1 SEMIFINAL.  With full Premeeting European Championship winners podium, presentation and words on the race from Phoebe & Frankie Wainman AND the Smith Brothers 391 v 391 demonstration race - with slomo of the contact & Their words on Smiths at Odsal (391 Engine sounds Only chapter at end of disc).

New European Champ Frankie Wainman overdoes it in Heat one then takes on a Fearsome Craig Finnikin and Mat Newson for Consolation And Final in the regular programme before 555 JJ smashes all before him for the GN - the SemiFinal race is all about Charlie Sworders race long fight to third in his first time hire car, all his vs 47 Traves exchanges on main camera or replayed from the turns 1+2 skycam, Every winners circle word while all the best SF1 action gets re-replayed.

Every F1, And Mini race (with a notable Heat 3: 120 starts with full airborne crash-out and races on to 8th place before Two side by side to the line finishes) in full, and naturally Lots of Full SCArecordings Full Specification Zoom & superSlowMotion replays of the smoothest winning moves and nastiest destruction - all rollovers and the 20+175 tangle from the first bend, Everything else direct from our BBC spec full 1080p50 main camera.

Full onscreen results with before and after Championship Final grids, direct from PA system commentary with the race sound turned up as far as it'll go and all of it edited to well under 2hours for better that regular TV picture quality on DVD- Click to buy from the new online shop before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£17.96 by post, 1 hour 47minutes runtime on regular DVD (Cinema screen quality Bluray £1 extra) See 'exactly as appears on the Bluray' stills at & when the 2022 SCAr backlog's cleared in full motion at