SCArecordings 2022 Double disc 02: Hednesford Hills & Northampton Shaleway April 03+10 on Full 1080 High Definition Bluray

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BriSCA F1's 3rd + 5th meetings of 2022 - including the epic nmsc British Championship from the Four formula 18 race Hednesford & Ryan Harrison's brilliant H2 roll  + deKock in Tom's rear Northampton, with a massive 3 Hour 51minute runtime •Direct Andy Hankin commentary throughout (and race sound turned up) •All the important action on the BBC spec main camera & the very best of it replayed to full SCAr Zoom+Slomotion Spec post race PLUS Backup 'each end of track' cameras to show anything that was happening at the same time (shows some All-out down the line race action from HHR & proof of 166 Bobby Griffin controlling a 360 spin in the Northampton Final).

Every F1, F2, V8 National Ministox & even Heritage F1 race es, Every post race winners circle interview, Full mylaps onscreen results with every finishers' fastest lap from every race, Click to buy SCArecordings 2022 disc 01 on BD now before 3pm, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

NEW FOR 2022: WATCH YOUR SCAr 2022•02 discs on YOUTUBE*! Inside every case is a 'private viewing .url code, type it into a web browser & watch online!   if you're lucky, technical & have a youtube account set up this can work on a TV with a youtube button too, but (sorry!) will definitely NOT work on all devices & we can't provide any technical assistance on this. * Please note this is an ongoing 2022 tech trial, which may be removed anytime.

£25.80 by post, 3 hour 51minutes runtime on Full 1080i HD BLURAY disc (also available on regular TV picture quality DVD for £2 less) Watch the 2022 02 highlight videos on &