SCArecordings 2024 disc 01: Northampton Mar 23; Dave Polley's PROPER F1 Debut on Cinema Screen 1080i50 BLURAY

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Before you buy = High winds messes with track sound and long distance smoothness some of the races, opening F2H1 from lap 5.

Every BriSCA Formula One & Two Race (F2H1 from lap 5) from Northampton 2024 Opening  night - Rushed on sale because it's the PROPER F1 Debut of 138 Dave Polley, winning Heat, Final and taking on FWJ in the Grand National for 2nd -  All at maximum SCArecordings production quality, with Direct from PA desk crystal clear race commentary , Track sound as loud as it'll go (some wind noise on some races) and EVERY spark of the multiple Race of the Year contenders AND the 69 Ben Chalkley longest distance winning lunge in maybe all of F2 Shale history!

Most important hits and greatest moves all onscreen via the main BBC spec 1080p50 camera, •replayed to fullest Zoom/Slomo/spec post race.  (plus October 28th 2023 Heats 1 & 2, the dry races, end of disc)

Every clash of the Epic 554 v 191 v 16 Epic F1 Consolation on screen - best of it all replayed in Full SCAr spec super slomo PLUS the Extra Aggro 82 Driving And Newson driver 252 Bradley Blyth, versus 5 Charlie Sworder, and winning - White top Grand Final 2nd!

•Full results with fastest Laps and race sound turned up as loud as it’ll go! -  Click to buy SCArecordings 2024 disc 01 before 3pm workdays, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£18.41 by post, 1 hour 40 minutes runtime on Cinema screen quality Bluray, Requires a bluray player (regluar DVD available for £1 less) See past SCAr highlight reels and stills galleries at &