SCArecordings 2024 disc 03: BRADFORD April 20; the Action Overload Odsal Opener on Cinema Screen quality BluRay

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Before you buy = Intermitent Commentary on opening F1/nmsc races, microF2 races 2 & 3 from turn one camera, no micro heat 1.

Every BriSCA Formula One & nmsc Race from the Action (3 F1 + 2 mini rolls!) Overload Opening  night - Rushed on sale before disc 2 because the racing is so good it gets Five-Wide in H3, Danny Ford wins with far-too much contact and the Minis race just as skilfully!

All at maximum SCArecordings production quality, with Direct from PA desk race commentary after a few opening race cutouts, Track sound custom boosted then turned up as loud as it'll go (some scratchy engine noise enters commentary mic) and EVERY spark of the full-on star wars, with 55 v 138 laps in the Final And savage 'Not even FWJ gets past' 216 attack racing!

Most important hits and greatest moves all onscreen via the main BBC spec 1080p50 camera, replayed to fullest Zoom/Slomo/spec whenever AJ Hemingway talks to the drivers who did it - and if whatever happens isn't on the main camera it's shown via turn one sky cam or first/last bend backup cameras.

•Full F1/nmsc results with fastest Laps & most (no race 1) of the microF2s  -  Click to buy SCArecordings 2024 disc 03 before 3pm workdays, be watching as soon as tomorrow!

£19.43 by post, 1 hour 42 minutes runtime on Cinema screen quality Bluray - Requires a bluray player, deserves big screen&sound (available on regular TV spec DVD for £1 less) See past SCAr highlight reels and stills galleries at &