STOCKCAR magazine 2022#07 World Finals Extra.. Most Feelgood Victory stories yet, also FINNIKIN RAMPAGE!

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STOCKCARmagazine 2022#07 World Finals EXTRA, On sale September 3

Apologies; Too Late to printers (by fewest of hours Again) to be on sale at the Kings F2WF and •'By Post' purchases will now be delayed due Sept.8+9 Royal mail strikes.  Extra resources already allocated for SCm#08

Most Victory through perseverance winning SC stories in one mag yet ...also the August Bank Holiday of 2022 FINNIKIN RAMPAGE!  All 'watch out for the quiet ones' standout 55 effect in picture proof & fast rundown of the firey rest.

•F1WF, Shootout basics and Northampton’s Seriously solid New Era news, latest Sir Lewis Hamilton BriSCA connection in V8#1 Steve Thompson SuperCar & outgoing Kev Stuchbury impressive upsetting at Odsal.

Extended F1 Netherlands: AconAutocross sees, and raises their NK Champs past Texel’s big Euro World of Dirt race (Extreme heat & and the team's answers, same winner!)  Tarmac Cloggies in Boss mode & Traves-Air at Venray and exactly what h47 Danny van Wam & crew went through to get the Gold stripes back for Holland.

From Hell: When World Champs have had enough, Sixties edition & Keith Barber on the World Final that changed Everything, Lee Fairhurst’s from the very back 2012 Skegness, 10 years on.   Plus Every other F1 and F2WF to date fully updated.

& 20 years ago: F2#647 Chris Burgoyne Super-Oldie then •Pete Randall at that ‘enRoute to a 647 World third? Semis day + F2 kicks up (some) dust at Northampton too.  Jim Turner at dangerous football Scotland, Kev Wickham Saloons’ Skeggy month plus overdue 1300 pics. 

Rock Klondike on ambitious quietness PLUS Des Penny #26 special with just how lairy V8s were at the start.  •Steve Abbott at the Lund+Evans Aug.13 Skeg Sf2 thru August 28 ‘Steve Booth to the rescue’ Sheffield  •F1+F2 Spetember grades •Mellow 217 centre [with Rampagy Finn] & more! • £8.75 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, depending on Royal Mail read as soon as the very next day!