STOCKCARmagazine 2022#08 World Finals, Best for years feature F1 report & the F2 Polley Story

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STOCKCARmagazine 2022#08 World Final reports October - Best for years F1 & the Polley F2 Story - Covering racing upto Sept 24, on sale late 7 days late due the ususal SCm Office and rare Printworks delays

•F1WF22, was one of the best! Youngest ever F1World Champs top five (Charlie Sworder is #1) plus F1WF controversies FWJ’s call for media calm and the 2023 venues (Beyond Mainland BriSCAland for F2) and Top Gear’s visit at KL in news 

•SuperCar Extra: 38 /1 (not 306) Dave Polley, your new F2 World Champ + Stats + his key racing moments on his way to Gold 

•nmsc National Champs: Historic level lap down rudeness And a last bend decider, full double page report

•F1 World Final Race Action Update feature sized Extra, plus the September winners  of BriSCA F1's own words on how great it was and more.. Also 3nz on hard slick dusty shale at Title meetings

•StockCars from Hell = the dangerous last direction South Africa’s F2/Superstox went in! 

•HALLUM RETURNS! 60th anniversary story from Holland’s returning oval and it’s safe for 2022s upgrades & the full speedweekend detail   •Backtracking - that unbeleiveable 2012 World final cooldown and even more Smith vs Wainman  •SuperCar~Oldie: 732 Daz Kitson and how he took over F2 after Speak 

•Pete Randall on how quality F2 World Weekend was through to Hednesford's English Open  •Rock Klondike on breaking things plus Des Penny’s History of 33 extra 

•Kev Wickham at the 2022 ORCi Saloon Champs: one of the most dramatic last bends in StockCar history.  Ever!   Steve Abbott at World Friday Mildenhall Sept. 9th through 17th Shootout 1 at Kings Lynn.  And More! • £8.78 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!