STOCKCARmagazine 2022#09 November~Annual with the 56 Year Road to Sworder F1 Gold

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STOCKCARmagazine 2022#09 November~Annual with the 56 Year Road to Sworder F1 Gold Covering The best of British StockCar racing Sept 24 to October 22, on sale October 30.
•Another Win-Of-Career for FWJ at the SHOOTOUT'6 Odsal 84v515v16 StarWars & Charlie Sworder's hit list since Gold in News, •Steve Abbott's 2022 Roundup & Key 2022 State of F1 2022 notes.

•Charlie Sworder SuperCar (And the who got him there thankyous) then •Keith Barber talks to all F1 Racers of F1's new Gold winning SWORDER family with What Stopped the 70s campaign, Spedeworth vs BriSCA F2s and Charlie Wild-Fast ride to the top in their own words
•Colin Casserley with the best of the rest of F1's October winners & latest Skegness Sunday Afternoon Extra - x10 time Gold Rob in the Chisholm MultiGold F1, and sideways, Fast!   also •Bert Finnikin's return to his 1990 World Final winning track (with H freinds) •StockCars from Hell = eeksome NonContact edition regarding BriSCA F1's 'Australia / NZ' close escape of the 1970s! and 309 History:  •BackTrackin; 60 years of StockCar's political season rumbling in & Jayne Bean's last F1 Final.

•Elzinga's winning All of Venray h393 secret •The last rides of h8 Martin Verhoef, and his respected wishes.

•V8 Hotstox Extra: 131 Kev Stuchbury's epic vs. Thompson World Final at Buxton, how it alters his retirement plans and his roll of V8 Victories.. so far!  & surprise first time Northampton winner

•Pete Randall on F2 since World Weekend, with respectfullest full contact moments and for balance a rare 'Couldn't be put in the 'Owed' book' off track concern  •Moodie's Scotland! FIVE Consecutive Finals at the Racewall & Scottish Saloons vs. Crimond Tyrewall!

•Rock Klondike on StockCars & Humanity & double Des Penny Specials, trigger warn for Scary 'Non Contact formulae that actually caught hold the Stars of the Big League!' true stories!

•Kev Wickham at the brilliant Skegness 2022 Saloon World Weekend with the 2022 Gold losing infringement.   Steve Abbott at Mildenhall Sept. 24th through Shootout 7 at Kings Lynn, Oct 22nd and More!  • £8.89 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!