STOCKCARmagazine 2023#03 MAY: Newson Smash Month, History of Bumpers & minis, more!

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STOCKCARmagazine 2023#03 MAY: Newson in attack mode! too much vs Polley at KL, Just enough to catch Harris at Northampton plus who’s winning, fastest, rolling and getting biggest cheers and Holland’s uk525 Nigel de Kock on his 2023 NewsonBuilt in news.

Serious State of UK Stadium motorsport update - it’s not good for Speedway right now - from TSR’s Keith Organ. •SUPER+OLDIE! Star of the 2000s Chris Lloyd Junior is back and tells why, and just how he went so well 3 decades back! James Bowles tells the Since 1975 History of Ministox + who’s winning and the wars in nmsc year 48.
• at Holland’s mad action field openers and in Keith Barber’s History Zone, Bumpers! When Suspended fences got clever & Original Hednesford both From Hell to wreck John Thorpe & BriSCA’s Mighty Fence Hoop - how great it is and the WW2 story of it’s inventor.
•Sworder then and now in BackTrackin, Pete Randall on F2's boom time April & Jim Turner on HatTrick winning Emma Mellis, Kev Wickham with Saloons at Nutts Corner & niWon Taunton & V8 Hotstox: Pete Savage gets the latest lightweight downtube story

•Steve Abbott at the April 1st to 23rd F1 meets, Rock Klondike on Rivalry, 185 Lenny Smith’s circle of Stox and More! • £8.95 by post to UK postcodes - buy at the new shop weekdays before 3pm weekdays, read upto the very next day!