STOCKCARmagazine 2023#04 JUNE: RYAN RETURNS, Sir Craig vs King Tom at KL, Shevill's Saloon Nats winning Savagery & more!

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RYAN RETURNS to Black Flags when the door falls off & After a decade of trying, Craig & Tom really have won Blauwhuis!

Who’s gone now Ryan’s back and King Willie Harrison opens the UKO with how great a time he’s had in StockCars - aTom takes Richard Kaleta though his Blauwhuis and back week and Live Streaming from the TSR office with Keith Organ in news.
The winning FWJ Shale SuperCar and what makes it special, Colin Casserley back at the May Blauwhuis and the 55 v 84 Final Story in the Drivers own words. Durk Osinga rounds up all the other NL racing and How to not roll at Buxton in the nmsc Minis.
•Looking ahead to 70 and 75 years of British StockCar Racing and the how the Heritage fleet could add to it & earliest 50s colour photography - and car tech ahead of it’s time being towed away in StockCars Ferom Hell - History zone rounds out with the first 50mph lapper at Hednesford.. and Tom Harris in attack mode (And his lap time!) at the May 1st Hills. Holland extra in 247 Gary Castell Golden Oldie.
•F2's impressive May and extra Blauwhuis action, the Cowdy British and First reGrading list. •Stu Shevill’s last bend savagery for the Saloon Nationals win •V8 Hotstox: things getting a bit to heated and Steve Abbott at Buxton April 30 to that incredible 55v84 KL May 20, Secrets of Success with Rock Klondike, Double ‘Keeping stox stadiums solvent’ notes and More!

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