STOCKCARmagazine 2023#08 WorldReports OCTOBER: FourStarTom, Moodie'sNI, V8s&nmscPlus!

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STOCKCARmagazine 2023#08 OCTOBER: Classic maybe, Proper F1WFStockCar Race Certainly at Northampton   •Newson rolls, rejoins and leads, just SEVEN finishers & most mangled wheel on a F1WF winner ever!  •Moodie owns the FirstEver@NI World and V8#329 Brighton wins, 288 Brown does rather well at Mildenhall.  •647+212 lead  the Shootouts & how well the >5 day /4 night F1WFweekend went in news.  NMSC World basics (detail in #09)

• uk36 FALDING SUPERCAR - with Dad Peter & even h124 Wim Peeters’ words PLUS 20yrs ago F1#33 World winning Pete in Golden Oldie!   • Wim extra; That Venray WorldCup upset & the unstoppable Dirt scene: back at the newest track in Netherlands F1,

•FOUR STAR TOM! Race Action Update Special for the first F1WF held at Northampton Shaleway - with winners circle plus Tom’s greatest challengers’ own words   

History? StockCar (Fires) From Hell tell what F1 night pyrotechnics looked like the 50s, Pete Falding’s 93+03 World wins in Backtracking, the 2003 33 in GoldenOldie and Des Penny adds his early years Wreckers & Racers.  •Tom Harris & F1WF friends Nhampton Centre. 

•F2: That First ever WF on the island of Ireland, Last Title win for F2#1 and the Silver openers from Scotland + Saloons at the F1WFweekend.    •V8 WF from Mildo & the Yorstox kids winning all the Finals,   •Steve Abbott F1 RAU from 2023 meets 25  to 24 - 29 Classic British Final 3 of 3!  Sept Grades, more!

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