STOCKCARmagazine 2024#01 MARCH: WITTS GETS HARRIS • FWJ on 3rd in NZ • ChiliBowl 4 • Season Guide++!

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STOCKCARmag 2024#01 MARCH:  WITTS GETS HARRIS • FWJ's NZ SuperCar & Team Champs podium story • FOUR BriSCAlads at ChiliBowl • Season Guide • News of note since last mag & COV AINT DONE!

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•News of most importance since last time starts at Gala Night - 8 Cath Harris vs 124 Under 25s - BTTC taking it to the last lap - 220 Will Hunter's drive of the night in a Race of the year where Witts got Harris - Words in Steve Abbott's RAU plus a Cover+Centre2 sequence  • COV AINT DONE: 'Greater benefit as Stadium than houses & PM agrees' & what happens next & F1 practically part of the Establishment at NEC

•Prettiest pics from the UK+NL winter shows, Autosport likes F1 detail & stuck at the F1#16 Factory Mat Newson's own 'state of 2024' words, including how F1 being expensive Was the plan all rounded out with the eyewatering F1#£figures and what's being done about it in SCm's own highlights from the BSCDA agm.

515gb SUPERCAR: Ian Bannister gets Frankie Wainman Junior's extended own 'Why & How  2024 went so well & what's next' words on the NZ Team Champs • TeamGB's Five week NZ Tour fast version (from Ladies champs to the Brocksopp & Wobbes wins) with the all true "Reversing to win.  Destroying All Other Cars to win, Then just going really Fast to win = BEST SINCE 2017" 14th TeamChamps run to the podium!

•Holland F1: Very serious about 2024. Kings Battle & World of Dirt media tour, even why the NL/UK Titles clash & visiting in with • Golden Oldie CRAIG FINNIKIN: the boxy 2004 Shale Supercar that marked the 3rd Generation of F1#55

•KB's TIME TRAVELLER counts down the USA, Paris & newly found '53 Belgian racing that counted down the years to the birth of British StockCar Racing, with •Stockcar Field racing water dangers FROM HELL: Pre-Baarlo Overasselt, with flood dyke home straight open air grandstand & hazardous water hazard back

•180>1 (And 515>318) Action Centre With the Road to fabulous SkegVegas Gold, OR 2024 Season guide

•Pete Randall at the BriSCA F2's 73 Car opener & day 2 Skegness, Plus his very own easiest access feeder formula, the MSRA Slotstox • Scotland's F2#514 Reece McIntosh & SS#670 Ross Watters getting ready for 2024 with Jack Watson, Kev Wickham at the National Saloon's 3meets so far.

•V8 Hotstox also representing in NZ •Rock Klondike & double Des Penny Specials •F1 RaceACtion Extra: HArris, France, Rob Speak and Wout Hoffmans at the ChiliBowl •Final 2023 BriSCA points standings

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