STOCKCARmagazine 2024#03 MAY: the SMITHS •ACTION OVERLOAD BRADFORD to Polley, Most Races to Post JD Harris, Newson leads points •WHITE*TOP FIGHTBACK Lunge Won 65 CAR HEDNESFORD to 286 Jones, Harrhy Settles that 8 year bother!

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STOCKCARmagazine 2024#03  MAY

70yrs of F1 as a Family Affair: Keith Barber tells the 65yr SMITHS Story   •ACTION OVERLOAD BRADFORD to Polley, Most Races to Post JD Harris, Newson leads points and!  •65 CAR F2 HEDNESFORD WHITE*TOP FIGHTBACK (Record Distance & going in pics) LUNGE WON by 286 Kasey Jones, while Harrhy Settles that 8 year weight matter!

The 2024 F1 Action arrives at Bradford: Three F1 rolls, x2 nmsc and 5wide racing in the Heat, Strategic F1#138 lines to the Final plus Craig Finnikin greatest dispatches rounded up in news 

•Harrhy, Joyce & first time final winning 457 Callum Gill's own words plus the likely Semi front rows in News, plus Brian Gilbank's leading legacy plus his greatest F1 night and why words.
•Extended 2 page SUPERCAR, POLLEY gets relaxed with Ian Bannister and gets to the reasons for F1 and All racing in general, and his Frankenstein F1.

•Sun is shining even on tarmac in Netherlands F1: Durk Osinga's words and pics, Weather cancelled Kings Battle next mag!

•Best V8 Hotstox from Buxton & NH Shaleway Plus when Andy Smith arrived in the 90s Golden years and what he took to F1.    •nmsc Ministox British and what Stuart Smith 's doing in microF2 - last words from fellow dads Ed Neachell & Dan Johnson.

•FROM HELL: Last mag's top white top 352 Bradley Blyth winning at Mildenhall, possible ancestors in action at Long Eaton.
•THE SMITH DYNASTY; Platinum Anniversary year series of F1's greatest families series has Keith Barber telling the 65year Smith story Plus  •Andy Smith's 2004-05 Dual Surface Golden Oldie - with extra 'The World Final that called for Smith Tarmac Specials' story.

•Backtracking: 10 years since the Hunter told all & Stu Smith Junior got a J.Davidson car thru 70 years ago when 2 months old British StockCar racing arrived at Odsal.

•Pete Randall's F2; The other new white tops setting F2 records and a wild Northampton.  •Jack Watson at the Scotland World rounds, Kev Wickham with the National Saloons at Ireland.
•Unstoppable Steve Abbott's RAU:  New builds and 559 Lily Finn's first win at Buxton thru  F1#meet 10 at Sheffield   •Rock Klondike AND 50s Des Penny Specials  •F1/F2 first grades
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