SCA recordings

Established 1997 at the Legendary Long Eaton Sportstadium NG10 2DU to preserve every possible regular Big League BriSCA Formula One StockCar meeting we could get too using the 'Best in British StockCar Racing' SCmvideo Broadcast quality 3ccd Svhs cameras.  That each cost more than a car, and were mostly gathering dust while putting on Legendary Long Eaton Sportstadium's Monday Mayhem shows took priority.

The Original SCmvideo dream of providing raw tracskide BriSCA F1 video from multiple cameras operated by passionate Stockcar fans who would be at the meeting anyway to the BBC, ITV or maybe even satellite TV was all over by 1997 (Read more about it in the upcoming 'Long Eaton Stadium Services' product page!).

But then Canon made a perfect for StockCar Racing video camera - with 16:9 Widescreen digital capture, 20x Zoom lens and 4 channel sound recording.  This re-booted the SCAr mission in 2005.  The 90s dream of fully computerised movie studio level post production was acheived in 2006, and Crash Disc Zero - the first of our down to 50ths of a second precision edited celebration of how intense it all gets at the tracks went on sale in 2007, and bought the SCMvideo label back with it.

And then SCmVideo / SCArecordings made it onto television anyway!   BBC1's Gears and Tears opens with the Wainman Hednesford Rollover (find it in on 2007.3 at the old website) with SCArecorded video from 2005-2009 video appearing on primetime BBC1 to the entire UK, then onto to the entire planet Earth, and then to live on in the BBC digital archive as long as there are digital archives.

That Canon XL2 'ultimate for DVD' camera that captured the opening credits FWJ roll (a sequence proudly gifted for free to the BBC once G&T production hit their budget limits) is still in perfect working order after 9 F1 Seasons & joins the monster 1992 cameras in glass display cases at the Long Eaton STOCKCAR office.

But don't read the SCArecordings history, watch the (Free to the world & fine for spreading the Good BriSCA Word!) highlights so far at  -note the jump to Full 1080p50 source in 2014, and the incremental enhancements from then on  - we're now adding up extra 12 levels of postproduction boosts to make it feel more real - and get ready for some Really impressive 8kp120 source era SCArecordings in the future (But the Since 1975 STOCKCARmagazine still comes first)

For now browse the from 2006 to 2020 collection now at the old SCm shop (click to go there now) 


See the SCMvideo collection for all the Very best 'StockCars looking good weekend multidiscs / intense compilations: all the quality of a regular SCArecording with all the extras features added in that'll fit in too  - These days that's mostly Multicamera World races all boosted up and re-presented with finest 2020s technology, Especially see the 1997 World Race on the 2021 World Final double disc.